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It is always a challenge to live a life with diabetes. One needs to monitor the diet regularly and also ensure that sugar levels are under control. Physical activity and eating well plays an important role for diabetics as it ensures that insulin is utilized by the body properly. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes recently and are looking for ways to keep a check on your blood sugar level, here are few important tips that can help.

Keep moving: When you get diagnosed with diabetes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Making exercise part of your regular routine helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight. By exercise, you can also cut stress and also help control blood pressure and cholesterol. You can include walking, swimming, playing tennis, dancing etc. in your routine life. When diagnosed with diabetes you should be moving around more and as per researchers and doctors, the best way to manage diabetes is to move more and to be less lazy.

Eating at regular intervals through the day: Try to cut down huge meals once or twice a day. Instead one should try spacing food intake throughout the day. Try having smaller and more frequent meals at regular intervals. This helps keep the blood sugar balanced.

Eat a balanced and healthy diet: A healthy diet proves to be the best medicine for people with diabetes. An overall healthy diet combined with good portion control help achieve and control blood sugar. And it also lowers the risk for serious health conditions from heart disease to cancer. One can choose foods that are low in refined carbohydrates and take vegetables, whole grains, beans, whole fruit and also low fat dairy products. Eating the right amount of food also helps in weight control and controls sugar.

Lose that extra weight: If you have diabetes and are overweight there is no need to panic. And losing a little amount of weight can help you lower blood sugar levels and also bring improvement to your blood pressure and blood fats. When you maintain a healthy weight it helps you control your blood sugars. You can make small changes in your diet intake and by getting exercise for most of the days can help you lose some weight. Your doctor or a dietician can help you with a plan that is suitable and works out for you to lose weight. Losing that extra weight not only improves your health but it might be also helpful in cutting back on the diabetes drugs as per the doctor’s advice.

Get enough sleep: If one is sleep deprived, then there is a tendency to eat more which can make one put on weight. This can further lead to several other health problems. People who have diabetes and who get enough sleep will have much healthier eating habits and also it helps in improving blood sugar levels.

Manage stress: Everyday stress, whether it’s large or small can unknowingly take a toll on your health. If the stress is added to stress of managing diabetes, the stress levels can automatically soar along with the blood sugar. It is not easy to get rid of stress, but learning to manage it can help you to control your sugars. Stress can be managed by doing meditation or by practicing yoga.

Try to prevent sores: Many people who suffer from diabetes have the problem of getting sores on the feet, which in turn can develop into severe wounds. This can sometimes lead to amputation of the foot. Hence, it becomes important for you to check your feet regularly to look for cuts, blisters etc. And in case you come across a sore that is taking time to heal, contact your doctor immediately.

Listen to your body signals: When you have diabetes, your body tends to change over time. Hence it becomes important to listen to what the body is signaling and trying to tell you. Try to find out how your body responds to your regular activities, food, exercise and also other factors that might affect your blood sugar.

Take your medicines regularly: As per a study, more than one-third of patients who suffer from diabetes do not have the habit of taking the prescribed medicines regularly. Taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor is a must and you should also be sure that you take only those medicines that have been prescribed for you and also in the correct doses and frequency that is prescribed.

Visit the doctor for regular check-ups: Nowadays it is a must that one gets a regular checkup done for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. And it becomes quite necessary one grows older.

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