Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS), Bandaid surgery, or Keyhole surgery, is a modern surgical diagnostic technique, in which operations are performed through small incisions with low risk. Laparoscopy is usually an outpatient procedure, although an overnight stay may be required if the surgery is complex or lengthy.

Laparoscopy procedure is done using an instrument called a Laparoscope to examine the organs inside the abdomen. Laparoscopy can diagnose and treat problems in the reproductive organs such as Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, scar tissue or blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

Laparoscopic Surgeon in Kukatpally

Ravi Hospital routinely performs laparoscopic surgeries for Appendicitis, Gallstones, Hernia, Hysterectomy (uterus removal), Nephrectomy (Kidney removal) etc. The major benefit of laparoscopic surgery is that it only requires a few small incisions thereby reducing the pain and external scarring with less discomfort and faster healing.

Ravi Hospitals is one of the few hospitals in Kukatpally that have laparoscopic specialists to perform various types of laparoscopic surgeries.

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