Life after Knee Replacement Surgery

What is the Recovery Period for Total Knee Replacement?

The knee, the largest joint of the body has several functions to perform – supporting the body’s weight, squatting, pivoting and more. It also has to perform many common functions that we depend on to get through daily life.

Knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad

A knee injury or arthritis, inflammation and pain can often limit the flexibility of the knee. The continuous deterioration of the joint and surrounding tissue makes it difficult to perform daily activities. Knee replacement surgery is a good solution for those people whose knees have worn out from this deterioration.

As per studies and experts, more than 7% of people who are in their 70s and 10% of people in 80s have undergone a knee replacement surgery. Basically, the surgery is performed to alleviate the pain caused by severe knee arthritis.

More than 90% of knee replacement surgeries are successful and the patients who recover from the surgery report improved knee function and less knee pain. Total knee replacement is major surgery and the recovery would take several months of physical therapy. Due to this reason, patients are always asked to first try non-surgical treatments before they consider knee replacement.

What is Knee Replacement surgery for?

For more than 90 percent of patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery have got dramatic pain relief. The procedure is done to replace knees that are damaged by osteoarthritis and is considered to be one of the most effective and safest procedures.

In a total knee replacement surgery, a surgeon removes some bone and cartilage from areas such as thighbone and shinbone, the area where it meets the knee joint. The knee area of the thighbone is replaced with a metal implant and knee area around the shinbone is replaced with a plastic implant. This, in turn, provides both the bones of the knee joint smooth surfaces once again so the flexibility is maintained and its bends more painlessly and freely. The surgeon would in some cases replace the undersurface of the kneecap with a plastic coating.


Who is the eligible candidate for knee replacement surgery?

Patients who are eligible for this surgery have:

  • Arthritis that is moderate to severe in the knee that has been confirmed by the doctor through medical imaging
  • Severe knee pain that makes daily activities difficult and is not responding to any non surgical treatments such as physical therapy, steroid injections, exercise and weight loss.
  • People who have difficulty in walking and going up the stairs
  • Knee deformity, a result of knee joint degeneration
  • Severe swelling and inflammation in knee that is chronic and cannot be controlled with medication

People with moderate to severe pain even while they rest and that which affects sleep.

Total knee replacement recovery

After the knee replacement surgery, you are expected to spend four to five days at the hospital. Before leaving the operating room, the knee will be put in a passive motion machine.

A weight bearing therapy plus a combination of occupational and physical therapy will be advised after the operation. And in most cases, the patients will be able to stand and walk with the help of a cane or walker, before they leave the hospital.

After the operation most of the recovery, care and rehabilitation are at home after the patient leaves the hospital. The doctor usually prescribes physical therapy at a local clinic for rehabilitation. At the clinic, the doctor or physical therapist will suggest exercises that one can do at home too.

The recovery period for everyone is totally different after a knee replacement. It normally takes around 12-14 weeks to complete the total rehabilitation and recovery process and around 7 to 8 months to a year to get back to normal life.

Where to have knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery, like any other joint replacement surgery is totally dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. A certified orthopedic surgeon who has experience and practices extensively in knee subspecialty is the best for the surgery.

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