Simple Tips for a Healthy Diabetes Diet

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Simple Tips for a Healthy Diabetes Diet

Following a diabetic diet does not mean you have to give up on things that you love to have. Creating a diet for type 2 diabetes is a healthy combination of foods that will keep your blood sugar level in the target range.

What is the best diet for Diabetes

To control or prevent diabetes, there is no need for special foods as your nutritional requirements are same as everyone else. But then there is a need for you to pay attention to some of your food choices, especially carbohydrates you eat.

Taking healthy food and losing weight can help you lower your blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. If you already have diabetes, it’s never late to make a positive change. A healthy diet plus losing weight can help reducing symptoms and even reversing diabetes.

Following a diabetic diet

A diabetic diet that you need to follow does not have to be complicated and there is no need for you to sacrifice the foods you love. All you need is to make some dietary changes to prevent or control diabetes. But first, let us learn the various myths and facts associated with the diet.

Myth: You should follow a special diabetic diet.
Fact: The good old principles of a healthy diet is the same, whether you are a diabetic or not.
Myth: Sugar should be avoided at any cost.
Fact: You can enjoy your favorite dessert or treats as long as it is part of your healthy diet plan and the hidden sugars are limited.
Myth: You have to cut down the carbs in your diet.
Fact: You can eat carb rich foods but you should be careful that you do not go overboard with it.
Myth: If I eat right, my diabetes will be cured
Fact: A healthy diabetic plan can help you in controlling it but cannot completely cure it.

A healthy eating program

A diabetic diet is more about a complete dietary pattern rather than concentrating on specific foods. The aim should be to eat more unprocessed food and less convenience and packaged foods.

Eat more of the following:

• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are the best. Whole fruits are the best than juices
• Protein such as beans, eggs and low fat diary
• Fish and Chicken
• Healthy fats from fish oils, flaxseed and nuts

Consume less of the following:

• Fast and packaged foods, those that are high in sugar, sweets, desserts and baked goods
• Red meat and processed meat
• White bread, pastas or rice.

Top Tips for a Better diet for Diabetes

Eating Regularly

When you eat regularly and maintain a regular meal schedule, your body can regulate blood sugar levels. Each meal you take should be moderate and consistent in potion size.

Eating regular small meals will keep your intake better and the portions also in check.

A healthy breakfast will keep your sugar levels steady and provide you the energy to start your day.

Taking the same amount of food everyday will keep in check the calorie intake the same.

Keeping a record of what you are eating

When you keep a written record of what all eat in a day, you can really keep a track of things you have been eating more and that you have been consuming less. It also makes you more aware of why, what and how much you are eating and help you cut down on things that are bad for your health.

Cutting down on Sugar

Avoid packaged and processed foods – Most of the canned foods or low fat meals that come packaged have often hidden sugar in it.

Reduce the amount of sugar in food that you prepare by ½. Try to boost the sweetness in your recipes with vanilla extract, nut meg instead of sugar

Reduce soft drinks and soda. For each 13 oz of serving of sugar sweetened beverage you drink a day, you are increasing your risk of diabetes by about 20 percent.

Avoid the artificial sweetners and sweeten food by yourself. When you add sugar by yourself you will add less sugar.

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