Tips to Reduce Knee Pain in Old Age

Knee pain

Knee pain is quite common in the older age. Research has also proved the fact that knee pain is common in all people who are 65 and older. As per a British study in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, about two-thirds of women who are aged 50 have experienced incidental or intermittent and persistent pain. With age, as there is a drastic change in the physical activeness of the body, there are various problems that arise with that and also knee pain. But there are many ways to postpone knee problems and even to prevent them.

The aged knee

With every step, the knees tend to absorb a large amount of pressure that is one and a half times the body weight. The pressure along with the regular wear and tear takes a huge toll over time. The ligaments and muscles get weaker and the shock absorbers begin to deteriorate.  And people who have osteoarthritis, are overweight, or have had knee injuries are more prone to deterioration.

But that does not mean that there is a need to let the knee pain interrupt your life. You can employ certain strategies so that the knees can be as young as before.

Here are few ways to keep away the knee pain especially in the old age

Losing weight:

If you are obese or weigh more than you should at a particular age, then consider losing some weight before the knee pain worsens. Obesity always increases the burden on your knees and can result in severe pain.


In most of the cases, being inactive is the root cause of knee pain. With age, the workload also decreases and the elderly tend to slow down and tend to stop their physical movement too.  To properly balance this, it is recommended that one goes for regular morning or evening walks to keep on the body’s energy utilization and thus keeping fit. Knees can turn still and painful if one leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Add Calcium to your diet:

Taking any calcium preparation and including it in the diet can be quite helpful. As milk is a rich source of calcium, one can add milk products to their daily intake. It helps in making the bone stronger and getting rid of knee pain and also any kind of joint pain.

Use “RICE “method

Applying rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) method is good for knee pain that is caused by an arthritis flare. Try to provide knee some rest, applying ice to reduce swelling, and wearing compressive bandage and also keeping the knee elevated is also quite helpful.

Get some expert advice:  If you are dealing with a knee pain for a long time, you need to get it checked out by a doctor. Getting the knee pain evaluated and treated can prevent more damage to the joint and surrounding tissues.

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