What can your feet tell your Doctor about your health?

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Our feet do a lot more than simply carrying our bodies throughout our entire life. They can give us important clues regarding our health. From normal foot pain to more serious symptoms, such as numbness, the feet can indicate symptoms of the disease before any other part of the body.

The various changes how our feet look or feel can be signs of serious issues and if detected early can save our lives. Although they are quite a distance from our heart, the very condition of the feet can impact our health in quite serious ways. Here are a few of signs that your feet might be trying to tell you and your doctor about your health.

Foot ulcers that won’t heal
If you have a foot sore that takes times a long time to heal or doesn’t show any signs of healing, then it could be a sign of diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. High blood sugar in addition to causing nerve damage, may also damage the blood vessels that supply nerves, which may further cause circulation problems that prevent in healing.

A blister on heel may look very simple, but if left untreated can lead to serious bone infection and sometimes in extreme cases amputation. So, if you find a sore that is not healing after four to eight days, although it is not irritating, you need to see a doctor.

Foot pain in the morning

If you cannot take the first few steps out of the bed due to the burning or shooting foot pain, it can be an indicator of potential issues. It could be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which causes inflammation to your joints and cause pain in the small joints of your feet. But foot pain and rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled with regular exercise and medication.

Numbness in both the feet

Do you have a persistent “pins and needles” feeling in your feet? Then this could be a sign of peripheral Neuropathy. People who have diabetes have the risk of developing what is called “Diabetic Neuropathy”. It generally starts in the feet and then gradually progresses up the legs. Treating this particular condition can often result in the numbness that reverses itself, it is better to talk to the doctor if you experience numbness in both the feet.

Toes that are hairless

Your toes should have a healthy amount of hair. And if they don’t,’ it means that you may have a circulatory problem. The healthy hair follicles need a constant renewing supply of blood so that they stay healthy and also rooted in your skin. If the toes are not able to get enough blood, the hair that grows on your toes will naturally fall off.

Circulatory problems also are accompanied by problems that maintain body temperature, hence having cold feed frequently also could signal trouble.

Dry and Flaking Skin

If you find your skin on the ball or around your heel dry or flaky, it may be the sign of thyroid condition. The thyroid gland is important for producing hormones that control the metabolic rate, tissue growth, and also nervous system functions. Skin dryness can signify a problem with the thyroid.

There could be other serious health issues that dry skin can indicate and the skin can get dried due to changes in the weather too. But if you find the skin on the feet dry is accompanied by symptoms like numbness in your hands, weight gain or vision a problem, that’s when you need to see a doctor.

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