General Medicine

General Medicine

General Medicine

Our General Medicine Services is led by a team of physicians including other doctors and nurses, physiotherapist, dietitian and psychotherapist. We are a trained and qualified team that provide patient-friendly service. We also offer complementary medicine, including conservative treatment, thereby providing a full range of integrated medicine. The General Medicine Service offers a full range of diagnostic tests including health checkup packages for general health.

We see patients with simple, chronic, and complex conditions. Whether it is diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, abdominal, chest or back pain, we provide treatments for all general medical problems in consultation with specialists to create an appropriate treatment plan, where necessary.

Dr. Ravi Hospital provides comprehensive care in general, internal medicine and related specialties. We also provide services for the long-term management of chronic and complex problems of adults and the elderly.

Some of the areas that we help address in internal medicine is prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, Thyroid Conditions, Infections such as lung infections, urinary tract infections, fungal infections, abdominal infections.

We also treat Viral Fevers, Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, water-borne and air-borne disease including, viral infections. We have a team of internal medicine doctors who are experienced and have treated thousands of such conditions successfully.

Our in-house laboratory aids in quick diagnosis with tests being done in our own laboratory. Our internal medicine physicians GPs provide routine health care (e.g., physical examinations, immunizations) and assess and treat many different conditions, including illnesses and injuries.

Our highly competent team of physicians, nursing staff and compassionate support staff provide holistic medical care for our patients.

Related Specialist

Dr. G. Ravi Kumar (M.D)

Facilities @ Hospital

  • 24 hours Intensive Care
  • 24 hours Critical Care Team
  • Ventilator Support
  • Dialysis Support
  • Round the Clock Laboratory Services
  • Round the Clock CT Scan