Gynaecology & OBS

Gynaecology & OBS

Gynaecology Obstetrician

Obstetrics and gynecology are medical specialties that focus on two different aspects of the female reproductive system. Gynaecology normally means treating women who are not pregnant, while obstetrics deal with pregnant women, their unborn baby, labor, delivery and the immediate period following the childbirth.

The obstetrician ensures that mother and child get the best prenatal care to ensure labor and delivery is accomplished without complications. If an intervention is needed, we attend to it quickly and safely.

Best Gynaecologist in Kukatpally

Gynecology deals with any ailment concerning the reproductive organs; uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and vagina. A gynecologist may also treat related problems in the bowel, bladder and urinary system, which are closely related to female reproductive organs.

Common gynecological problems most women suffer from are Adnexal Tumors, Bacterial Vaginosis, Benign Cervical Lesions, Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women, Contraception, Dysmenorrhea, Early Pregnancy Loss, Ectopic Pregnancy, Elective Abortion, Endometriosis, Estrogen Therapy, Fallopian Tube Disorders etc.

At Ravi Hospital, Kukatpally we have experienced team for gynecologists and obstetricians who are highly qualified and trained to handle gynecological & obstetrics problems. Our hospitals are equipped with advanced equipment and technologies to treat obstetric cases, such as Fetal Heart Monitoring machines aiming deliveries for neonatals.

Ravi Hospitals has a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit fully geared with Pediatric ventilators, sophisticated incubators, Single PhotoTherapy and Double PhotoTherapy and Neo-Natal Resuscitation equipment. Our best gynecologists understand and provide accurate treatment for the patients.

If you or your family member needs immediate attention for acute gynecological problems contact Ravi Hospital, KPHB Colony,  Kukatpally.

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Facilities @ Ravi Hospitals,

  • 24 hours Intensive Care
  • 24 hours Critical Care Team
  • Ventilator Support
  • Dialysis Support
  • Round the Clock Laboratory Services
  • Round the Clock CT Scan