5 Healthier ways to Control High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure also called as hypertension can increase your risk of developing serious health issues including stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. Hypertension is also known as the silent killer and it does not cause any symptoms till there is much damage done to the heart. As there are no visible symptoms, majority of people are not aware that they have high blood pressure.

But you can take a number of actions that not only can lower your BP, but also make you healthier overall.

Here are 5 healthier ways to lower your blood pressure.

Move More and Exercise More

Moving more, sitting less and regular exercise are the best things one can do to bring down high blood pressure. By exercising regularly, you can help make the heart stronger. This in turn helps the heart more efficient to pump blood, leading to lowering pressure in the arteries.

You can have half an hour of moderate exercise such as walking or spend 75 minutes doing vigorous exercise such as running every week. This can easily help in lowering blood pressure and also improve heart health.

Lose that extra weight

If you carry that extra weight around, losing weight can make a huge difference for your heart health.

Losing that extra weight will help you a lot with your heart health. You can bring in small changes in your eating habits and also to your activity levels to bring down your weight. As per a study, losing around 5% of your body mass helps in lowering high pressure. Losing weight helps the blood vessels to do a better job of contracting and expanding. This in turn makes it easier for the left ventricle of the heart to easily pump more blood.

Relieve Stress

If you suffer from chronic stress, then it can have an impact on high blood pressure. But to what extent stress affects the heart is not known. Managing stress effectively will have a positive effect and can keep your blood pressure low. Decreased levels of stress can also help you feel happier and healthier. Stress is also known to trigger certain unhealthy habits putting your cardiovascular health at risk. These may include poor sleep, overeating etc. For the reasons mentioned, reducing stress should be the top most priority for lowering blood pressure.

Simple things in daily life can help you combat stress. For example, a daily walk in the fresh air, or a relaxing hobby. Many people are able to manage stress with meditation and yoga. You can also opt any of the activity that suits your lifestyle.

Eat a balanced diet

To keep your blood pressure under control, you need to take a lot of healthful foods. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in potassium, can help in bringing in lower levels of blood pressure. See that you also limit your intake of excess fat, calories and sugar.

Quit Smoking

For your all -around health, it is better to stop smoking. There are chances of smoking causing a sudden and temporary increase in your heart rate and also blood pressure. And if you continue smoking for a long term, the harmful chemicals present in the tobacco can increase your blood pressure and damage the blood vessel walls.

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