Preventive Health Checkups – Stay One Step Ahead of Health Disorders

Preventive Health Checkups – Stay One Step Ahead of Health Disorders

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become more of a dream than a practice in the current day scenario. Little attention to health and poor lifestyle has become a leading cause of diseases like hypertension, cardiac disorders, diabetes, cancer, hormonal imbalances etc. among many of us. About 60-70% of these diseases are preventable with timely assessment and intervention.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Eating right, getting enough exercise and sleep, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, drugs, excess salt and sugar intake, are some of the best practices to maintain good health.

Despite practicing a good lifestyle, you never know when an ailment can hit you totally unexpected, because of some risk factors like underlying causes and family history that develop over time. For instance, a heart attack may not be sudden but can happen over time, with gradual accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. A health check-up will determine your cholesterol number and allow you to make diet changes to reduce fat intake. Timely intervention can save your life.

Who requires preventive tests?

Research studies have proven that investing in an annual Preventive Health Checkup is far more cost-effective, time-saving than visiting a hospital, only when an emergency strikes. A health checkup can help find problems early when your chances for treatment and cure are better.

It is recommended that men, above 35 years of age, and women, above 40 years of the age, should undergo annual preventive health checkup. In case of a significant history of a particular disease in family (like heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc.) it is all the more important to initiate screening tests 10 years earlier in both, men and women.

Health Checkup at Ravi Hospitals: At Ravi Hospitals we provide Health Checkup Packages such as Master Health Checkup, Cardiac Master Health Checkup, complete Men Health Checkup, Complete Women Health Checkup, Complete Diabetic Profile. Avail special discounts on every health checkup package at Dr. Ravi Hospital.

At Ravi Hospitals we provide personalized care and provide consultation, once you receive your checkup report, to help you understand the precautions or treatment you need to take if required.

If you are not sure, which exams and screenings you need, we can advise you on getting the right checkup done, based on your age, health,slot thailand family history, and the lifestyle you lead.

For more information, or to book a health checkup package, call Ravi Hospital at 040-4017-3131.

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