The Importance of a Family Doctor

The Importance of a Family Doctor

Remember those days, when everything from your mother’s fever to your sister’s chicken pox to your grandfather’s stroke medication was taken care by a matronly doctor, who was part of the family. And referred you to a specialist known to him/her, only if required and who in turn kept your doctor in the loop.

Today if one can afford it, patients prefer to go to “specialists” without consulting a general physician. Specialization, in turn, divides the patients into “parts” which naturally increases the cost of treatment and complications. Without any single physician being in-charge of the patient as a whole to have a long-term continuity, the treatments by different specialists cannot be coordinated, making it more complicated.

Here’s when relying on a family doctor’s advice about specialists and treatments makes sense, as it helps you to make more informed health decisions.

How can a family doctor help?

Having a family doctor can be of great help, to not only assist you and your family members in all areas of complete health but more importantly because, every individual’s family history will be ready with your family doctor at any given time. This can be of great help to understand the family health history and enable quick diagnosis.

A family doctor is helpful to guide you with recovery if you fall ill, or quickly help you with any injury, illness or health questions. He or she can be trusted and relied upon for advice about tests, seeking a specialist’s opinion/treatment, most of all, make you feel safe and secure about your health.

At Ravi’s hospital in Kukatpally, you can find a trusted family doctor who, you can quickly reach out to, for any health issues at any time.

Benefits of having a family doctor

Here’s how you will benefit with having a family doctor:

  • Safety and Security: A study reveals that, people who have a family doctor lead a better quality lives because of a sense of safety and security about their health. The confidence that their family doctor is always there to help with any kind of health problems at any time, makes one feel safe with their health.

    This also helps you improve your health outcomes with the unique doctor-patient relationship developed over time. Research also tells that patients who have chronic diseases and access care through their family doctor have fewer hospital stays. You can also seek answers to your most personal health questions that can go unanswered a lot of times, because of the trust and mutual relationship, you develop over time.

  • Medical Health Records: Your family doctor has access to your complete health history at any given point of time and this can help greatly in quick diagnosis, treatment or in recommending the right specialist if required. This saves you from ambiguity and concern about finding the right specialist (who exactly fits your personality and specific needs), and uncertainty about his/her expertise. So, reaching out to the right specialist is hassle-free.
  • Preventive Health: A family doctor is your expert preventative healthcare provider. Since your doctor is aware of your medical & family health history, and your current health condition, he/she can recommend appropriate tests (like diabetes tests, hypertension, thyroid etc.) or complete screening of your health, before you develop such conditions. So, you can prevent health conditions that you may be prone to and save money and time in treating chronic conditions.
  • Quick Appointments / Easy Access: Getting an appointment of a doctor is always cumbersome. You can end up waiting for days or in long queues, to visit a certain specialist or a general physician. In such scenarios, having a family doctor is a blessing, with saving this waiting time especially if you are a busy person. Also, in an average clinic, the doctor sees an average of 50-60 patients over 8 hours. But if you have your own family doctor he can spend almost double the amount of time to solve your healthcare problems.
  • Emergency Care: Should you have an emergency, at late hours, your family doctor can always assist you with immediate help and advice before you reach out to a hospital. Your family doctor can guide you instantly to do the right thing or take a particular medication to control the situation as in a heart attack, high sugar levels, post-surgery complications etc.

    This personal comfort with your family doctor helps you also consult over the phone, or a video call, even at odd hours/nights if there is an emergency.

    On top of the above-mentioned reasons, family doctors make themselves available for any urgent phone consultations to guide you for the best care. You can access them without much wait in urgent situations.

A family doctor can be a vital component in addressing your family’s general wellness. If you are looking for a dedicated and sincere family doctor, who can take care and oversee your family’s health, contact Ravi Hospital in Kukatpally, Hyderabad to schedule an appointment.

This hospital is equipped with all the facilities,slot thailand that you can have access to, like an in-house full-time laboratory, emergency care 24/7, and all the equipment. The hospital also has highly qualified and experienced doctors like Dr. G. Ravi Kumar for general medicine and other specialists too.

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