Why Ravi Hospital is the Best Hospital

Best Hospital in Hyderabad

Ravi Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Kukatpally. With its sophisticated and modern facility, it offers international standard services to its patients. A multi specialty hospital, it has state-of-the-art equipment and instruments and also boasts of impressive infrastructure that comprises of ICU, Emergency, with round the clock specialist doctors and experienced and well trained paramedical staff. There are also 24 hrs Ambulance, diagnostic, and pharmacy services.

Ravi Hospital, one of the Best Hospitals in Kukatpally has an expert Critical Care Team that provides round the clock coverage. The continuous presence of the team allows early recognition of significant changes in patient conditions. His helps them prevent certain worsening conditions and minimizing complications that arise.


 To treat various lung related diseases and respiratory conditions, Ravi Hospital has a well experienced and trained pulmonologist.

General Medicine

 Lead by a team of physicians that include doctors, nurses, dietician, physiotherapist etc, Ravi Hospital’s general medicine provides all that care and patient friendly service that is required. We also offer full range of diagnostic tests that include health check up packages.


 Armed with skilled and best experienced cardiologists, Ravi Hospital uses the latest and less invasive techniques for best treatment outcomes. With our patient centric approach providing safety and comfort to the patients, makes Ravi Hospitals the most reliable hospitals for heart related problems.


 Ravi Hospital has all the equipment and facilities that are helpful in diagnoses neurological problems. There is an advanced Neuro Care Unit that is lead by Neuro Physicians and surgeons. It is equipped with the most modern operating facilities for surgeries.

Gynaeocology Obstetrician

 Ravi Hospital has got an experienced team of gynecologists and obstetricians who are highly qualified and trained to handle the most complicated gynecological and obstetrics problems. The hospital also has a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit with pediatric ventures, single phototherapy and Double phototherapy and Neo-Natal Resuscitation equipment.


 The expert urologists at Ravi Hospital find a solution for all your urological problems. The hospital is also fully equipped with ultra modern equipment to handle all rental cases.


Experienced and highly skilled gastroenterologists help diagnose all kinds of gastro problems at Ravi Hospitals. The hospital is among the few hospitals in Kukatpally that has state-of-the art equipment for automated endoscopies.

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